About HC Trading

HC Trading was founded in 1996 to conduct the trade activities of HeidelbergCement Group companies worldwide, as well as to serve the needs of the wider cement industry, delivering the highest standards of quality and service. 

HC Trading's main role within HeidelbergCement it to optimize the Group’s vast global resources, helping to match international supply and demand, and deploying surplus where it is most needed. 

The company is a melting pot of 29 nationalities in 13 countries and handles 21.7 million tons of overseas dry-bulk exports and imports every year. As the international trading arm of HeidelbergCement Group, HC Trading maintains a global network of offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul, Malta, Madagascar, Australia, UK, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

HC Trading is your reliable partner in international business.

What makes HC Trading unique?

HC Trading’s decentralized structure allows it to operate in a highly nimble and dynamic way, while remaining united around the central mission of delivering value to its customers and suppliers. 

HC Trading operates around the clock and an employee is reachable at any time of the day, seven days a week, to serve client needs. We are proud to be building our business on people and knowledge. 


“To be the world’s most competitive and efficient provider of dry-bulk goods for the needs of cement industry worldwide”

  • by using our unique shipping expertise to further enhance our logistical capabilities and deliver full set of products to any location in the world in the most efficient way
  • by continuing to expand our international network of suppliers and customers to ensure we have the flexibility to rapidly adapt to major industry and markets shifts
  • by optimizing the worldwide flow of goods to offer customers the best solutions for their needs
  • Key Strategic Strength = Global purchasing & negotiation leverage


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