HC Special Products

HC Green Trading is the company supporting flows of newly formed HC Trading Special Products Division

It is an initiative of HC Trading with the aim of trading in environmentally friendly goods and alternative fuels used in the cement industry. It’s purpose is coordination and development of alternative products, sourcing and development of existing and new markets while increasing HC Trading’s third party profitability and adding value to the Heidelbergcement’s operations.

Main special products traded may be divided as:

  • Cementitious materials
    GBFS/GGBFS, natural and synthetic gypsum, limestone, pozzolan, silica, pumice, alumina correctors (i.e. ashes, bauxite, clay, alumina slag), iron correctors (i.e. steel slag, mill scale, iron oxide, copper slag) etc.
  • Non-fossil fuels
    Biomass and waste materials (i.e. shredded tyres, RDF etc)
  • Special cements
    Blended hydraulic cements, oil-well cement, white cement, micro cement, slag cement, expansive agents and other special requirement cements

Mr. Vladimir Muidza

Senior Trade Manager-West & Head of HCT Special Products
+356 2248 4800
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+356 2248 4810
Triq Elija Zammit
St Georges Building
St. Julian's STJ 3151