HC Trading operations

HC Trading has divided its trading activities into two different regions, East and West. The Western region consits of the Med Basin and Black Sea, Europe, Americas and Middle East area. The Eastern region includes Asia Pacific, South East Asia and Africa.

Within HC Trading there are two different departments. On the one hand there is the shipping department on the other hand the trading department.


The floating terminals located all around the world enable greater level of flexibility. In addition 520 ships per year are chartered by HC Trading ranging from 2500 to 180000 dwt. This figure implies an average of 40 ships operated at one time.


HC Trading is mainly dealing with clinker and cement, but also trading granulated blast furnace slag, gypsum, limestone, white cement, oil well cement and all other dry bulk cargo needs of the cement industry.

Beside the cementitious branch HC Trading trades with coal and petroleum coke as well.

Together with its well-structured global organisation, HC Trading delivers optimum and tailor-made solutions regardless of proximity and time concerns.