Bagged cement in sling bags 

HC Trading uses sling bags which provide easy loading and unloading operations during seaborne operations. Sling bags may hold 50kg cement bags in various sizes and weights. 50kg bags may be designed with polypropylene or kraft material in various layers.

Cement in big bags 

HC Trading can supply all types of cement pre-packed in different weight and size of big bags.

Cement in shrink wrap

HC Trading supplies shrink-wrapped cement which has perfect protection against water, moisture and damp.

Bulk Cement

HC Trading is one of the top international traders of bulk cement by meeting the demand of cement industry worldwide through pneumatic vessels and specialized equipments.

Ground granulated / granulated blast furnace slag

Ground granulated blast furnace slag is a by-product from blast-furnaces which is mostly used to make iron and HC Trading provides most qualified blast furnace slag, either ground or granulated by fresh water.


HC Trading’s eco-friendly approach encourages our clients to use waste-products such as fly-ash in cement and its downstream industries all around the world.


HC Trading offers high quality clinker for cement grinding mills and plants, which can be used in all kind of cement production


One of the main ingredients of cement, high quality gypsum is supplied by HC Trading as dehydrate (CaSO4 2H2O), monohydrate (CaSO4 1H2O) or hemi hydrate (CaSO4 ½ H2O).  HC Trading can supply qualified gypsum all around the world. 


Limestone is the main raw material for clinker and additive ingredient for cement. HC Trading supplies high quality limestone with a minimum of 75% CaCO3 content. HC Trading has a broad network of limestone suppliers all over the world which provides the most economical solutions for its customers.

Oil-well cement

HC Trading supplies the highest quality of this special cement used in the petroleum industry. In addition, HC Trading provides the technical support needed according to the application features of the product. Available in bulk or 40 kg bags. 

White cement

HC Trading provides white cement which is commonly used aesthetic and decorative architectural works. It is also used as a binding material in prefabricated concrete elements and artistic sculpture works. HC Trading supplies white cement with minimum 80% whiteness. The different sub products of white cement are: Normal (Type I), water repellent, high early strength (Type III), high sulphate resistant (Type 5) and masonry cement (Type N and Type S) 


Coal - Petroleum coke

Thanks to its logistics and wide range of transport means and reliable sourcing, HC Trading provides over 6 million tons of high quality petroleum coke and steam coal for the cement industry in a year. 


Refuse-derived fuel is an energy source consisting largely of inflammable components of waste products that have high calorific value. HC Trading provides RDF to cement industry by considering climate protection and rising energy costs